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Discover why Trackier is a great Tune affiliate platform alternative. Compare price, basic functionality, features, and customer support to choose the best option for your brand.

Learn why Hasoffers is not enough

Successful affiliate marketers use performance marketing software like Trackier to drive revenue through outcome-based marketing campaigns. Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software provides all the necessary tools to run performing marketing campaigns including a modern and easy-to-use UI, automation tools, and the flexibility to create user profiles with tailored permissions. We also feature an open API with a number of integrations and technical support.

Request for SSL on the New Tracking domain on Trackier Support

Trackier allows you to add new custom tracking domain easily. You can whitelist this tracking Domain to a certain publisher so the tracking link will only be generated for mentioned publisher and no one else would be able to see this domain.

Unlimited Custom Domains

Build your campaign’s branding, trust and discoverability by only using custom domains. By using a custom domain that reflects your brand, you are promoting brand consistency. Moreover, using a custom domain improves your SEO.

Advertiser Level Targeting

With Trackier’s Advanced Targeting feature you can set a global rule for allowing or denying traffic for Browser, City, Region, etc. You can define and manage Rule with Rule Blocks.

Even Device Version Targeting and Campaign Specific Targeting Rules can be set for ENTERPRISE Customers.

Send your traffic to the most relevant offer with Smart Links

Smart Link contains various offers and through one unique link, you can send the traffic to the most relevant offer. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way due to incorrect geo, device, etc or any other targeting.

Features Comparison

Ensure the highest ROI by choosing the right Performance Marketing Software
Features Trackier Hasoffers
Affiliate, advertisers, and campaign management
End-to-end API
Affiliate API
In-house fraud detection & prevention
Affiliate link checker
Offer optimization automation
Multi-user access
Real-time access
Predictive analytics tool
Configurable dashboard
Incorporated BI system
Alert system
SSL support (enterprise client)
Unlimited custom domains
Click Log
Multiple currencies
Multiple languages
Advanced targeting
Shared reports

Essential Tools for Business Scaling

Ground-breaking tools for you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns
Features Trackier Hasoffers
CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL, etc. tracking
White-label solution
Full-cycle impression tracking
CR automation
Real-time event delivery system

Customer Support

There is no big enough problem and never a bad time for us to help you out.
Features Trackier Hasoffers
Dedicated account manager
Free onboarding
24 X 7 Support
Ever-expanding knowledge base

Pricing Model Comparison

Do you want to pay for clicks or just for the clicks that convert? Our Pricing Model alone makes us a great Tune affiliate platform alternative!
Features Trackier Hasoffers
Conversion based pricing model

The All-in-One Performance Tracking Platform

Trackier is a customizable Performance Marketing Software used by Ad Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers to manage publisher relations. Trackier is the ideal Tune affiliate platform alternative as it lets you effortlessly create, automate, measure, and optimize all your marketing campaigns, publishers, advertisers, creatives, and conversions in one place.


Smart Link

Affiliate Link Checker

Ad Fraud

Automate Offer Optimization

Campaign Automation


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