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Trackier puts their customer’s privacy first while helping them build great brands and provide exceptional customer service. Trackier MMP provides complete marketing automation to simplify campaign optimization and maximize efficiency, making it the best Kochava alternative.

Learn why Kochava is not enough

With Trackier you can get a detailed overview of customer journeys and identify the touchpoints you need to optimize for greater business success. Make sure you protect your campaigns from fraud with our robust tool to keep your profits climbing higher in the charts!

Click Logs

Trackier MMP has a separate Click Log report that shows you the data of clicks received by the Trackier server. You can filter the data on the basis of partner and geolocation.

Custom Event Tracking

An in-app event is any user action triggered within your app after installation. Trackier MMP will track all attribution events automatically. When you create custom in-app events to track all your user activities, every event is assigned its own unique Event ID which you’ll use to set up event tracking.

Get real-time insights

Use the activity report to study app activity, engagement, and in-app metrics. All the real-time updates are available n this reporting section. Here you can understand your daily user and monthly user trends.

Send your traffic to the most relevant offer with UniLinks

UniLink contains various offers and through one unique link, you can send the traffic to the most relevant offer. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way due to incorrect geo, device, etc or any other targeting.

Features Comparison

Check out the prime features that make us the best Kochava alternative
Features Trackier Kochava
Retention Metrics
Attribution Windows
Retargeting Attribution
Fraud Detection & Post-Fraud Attribution
Custom Event Tracking
Validation Rules
User Path Tracking
Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard
Cross-channel attribution
Data Segmentation
Custom Parameters
Real-time Insights
Marketing Automation
Uninstall Metrics
Custom Dashboards

Customer Support

There is no big enough problem and never a bad time for us to help you out.
Features Trackier Kochava
Dedicated account manager
Free onboarding
24 X 7 Support
Ever-expanding knowledge base
Frequent Webinars

Pricing Model Comparison

Only pay for clicks that convert!
Features Trackier Kochava
Conversion based pricing model
Transparent Pricing
Free Trial

The All-in-One Performance Tracking Platform

Trackier MMP accurately measures your marketing while protecting customer privacy. We provide data that informs you which marketing activity is creating an actual impact. Trackier gives you the tools to turn insight into action while keeping your budget safe from mobile ad fraud, making us the best Kochava alternative.


Smart Link

Affiliate Link Checker

Ad Fraud

Automate Offer Optimization

Campaign Automation


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