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Every Piece of the Puzzle Combined: Your Handbook for Cohort Analysis

Written by Mridula Bhatt

Cohort analysis is a one-of-a-kind reporting format that allows you to analyze the behavior of a particular group of customers over a period of time. The group, or cohort, is usually defined by a common characteristic or event. It provides […]


Boost Your Business To Success With Mobile Marketing

Written by Nikhil

A multi-channel, digital marketing technique called mobile marketing aims to connect with a target audience through their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Mobile marketing might be a terrific choice for your company because so many of us are connected […]

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Ad Fraud in Mobile Marketing: How can Brands Detect and Prevent Ad Fraud

Written by Bharath

Ad fraud has been a primary concern for Marketers and App owners in the tech industry. Billions of dollars have been lost in advertising efforts to fraudsters who aim to steal the hard-earned money of several Brands.  All hopes are […]

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Mobile attribution and marketing analytics guide for gaming

Written by Barkha Gaur

What’s inside Gaming app marketers, stop working for the data and let it work for you. Boost your game app install numbers by diving into your marketing data analytics. But which thread should you pull on from the web of […]

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