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Take your “consumer first” policy to the advertising domain with Trackier’s Performance Marketing Tool. Optimize your way to success with a deeper look into partner performance, target audience features, revenue channels and so much more. All of that in just a click!


Let Trackier help you ace affiliate marketing!

  • Improve your Customer Retention rate

    Try different sets of integrations, onboard new affiliates or schedule hundreds of custom campaigns. Take help from Trackier’s dedicated Client Success Manager to explore all the possibilities in your hand!

  • Fire up the grid with automations

    Once your campaign is up and running, another set of challenges might come your way. For instance, how to set a threshold for conversion rate, clear monthly or weekly payouts without hassling with calculators, monitor campaign KPIs in real time. But you needn’t worry! Trackier has an automation for everything!

  • Become data powered

    If time is money, then data is the mint. Use customisable reporting feature to draw real time traffic records as per key parameters e.g. customer segments, location, device etc. Get an overview of campaign performance in each digital marketing channel to find out what’s working (and what isn’t).

  • Protect your interests with Fraud Shields

    Trackier’s AI-based fraud prevention tool sieves through the traffic/conversions brought by your partners to separate the usual suspects from the organic audience. Enrich your fraud shields with as many features as you need and let the smart AI handle all the rest.

  • Nurture a Relationship of Trust with Your Partners

    Send out targeted alerts about campaign goals, commission rates, and performance metrics using Trackier’s personalized dashboard for affiliates. Encourage referrals to keep your network growing. Share branded creatives with your affiliates as & when they ask for it!


Feature Rich API

Draw data from multiple third-party softwares onto your dashboard.

Multi Touch Attribution

Trace the customer journey and identify the decision-driving milestones.

Coupon Code Support

One platform to generate, manage and track promotional offers

AI-Based SmartLinks

Personalize customer experiences with targeted advertising

Multi-Currency Payout

Deliver affiliate commissions in the modes of their choice.

Pixel and Postback Management

Be informed about user engagement behavior for better optimization.


Harvest Media is a leading market intelligence platform that leverages crowdsourced consumer feedback and machine learning processes to uncover actionable, real-time insights for businesses.

Custom Made Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard was designed to provide real time updates about multiple campaigns running across countries.

Efficient Targeting

New rules and bulk uploading functionalities were created to help Harvest Media to work efficiently.

Advanced API Support:

API end-points were created to fetch each and every point of the data set from their expansive ad networks.

Payout Management Made Easy

Invoicing system was updated with probabilistic tracking settings so they could record conversions without click IDs.


    What if you could measure all of your marketing spends & revenue with one tool? Oh wait, You can!

    Tap every user attribution in real-time with Trackier