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Trackier visits UK: Lead Generation World, Affiliate Huddle, ICE London and iGB Affiliate London

Written by Bharath

For quite some time we have been used to learning from experts on zoom calls and online meetings, but it is nowhere near to the idea of physically attending an event, well in our case four major events in the UK. 

Let’s take a look at the events related to affiliate marketing and iGaming that our team attended this month. 

iGB London

Lead Generation World London

Lead Generation World London is an international meet-up of about 250-300 professionals who are lead generators, performance marketers, and service providers to support their efforts in lead generation and acquisition. 

It focuses on Advertisers, Ad Networks, and Lead Buyers successfully attribute their lead generation ecosystem, which is Trackier’s forte. We met the brightest minds in the lead generation industry and new professionals who wanted to improve their lead generation campaign.

The current challenges in the lead generation industry that was addressed in the event were Fraud detection such as tracking user behavior post 30 days, comparing source-wise data, pixel tracking issues, etc, and Optimization of Lead Distribution, which we addressed with our newly developed module which pushes leads to CRM. 

Our team showcased the prowess of our Performance marketing software to tackle these challenges in our demo by providing highly targeted and insightful content. It helped us get exclusive networking opportunities with various Advertisers and Ad Networks who are our primary customers.

Affiliate Huddle, Brighton 

Affiliate Huddle is a one-day conference dedicated to affiliate marketing and is a must-attend event for start-ups. This event is all about affiliate networking and majorly benefitted brands and ad networks. Affiliate Huddle aims to bring the best practices and share valuable insights for affiliates, brands, and ad networks in the affiliate marketing industry. 

The event also has a training session for amateur affiliates, start-ups, and networks in Affiliate programs.

We were one of the 10 exhibitors where we displayed our Performance Marketing and Attribution tools for affiliate marketers and various brands present at the event.

ICE London 2022 

Within the same halls of iGB Affiliate was another major event that we took part in, ICE London 2022. The International Casinos Exhibition London 2022 is a major casino and online gambling event for professionals who are from the casino industry and the growing iGaming industry. This is where the best of the best from the iGaming world meet and showcase their technology concerning online gaming and casinos.

The majority of attendees were tech companies who addressed security and payment solutions for casinos and iGaming brands. It was an important event for us to learn about our upcoming iGaming platform. 

We received positive responses from various customers who visited our booth during the event. We also learned a few flaws we had on our platforms such as a complicated UI/UX and multiple features in our pipeline. We duly noted our deficiencies and will be working towards making our iGaming platform the best in the industry very soon.

ICE London

iGB Affiliate London 2022

iGB Affiliate is a three-day international event that aims to connect iGaming brands, affiliates, and professionals from across the world, attracting more than 5000 attendees. This event enables multiple stakeholders to meet an array of affiliates and learn about the latest industry trends.  

This was an important event for us as we are working on our iGaming Platform. We learned a lot many things with respect to feature building and development. Some of the challenges that we came across in the event were a failure in CRM integration and a lack of real-time reporting. Although it is something that we have had success with before in our performance marketing tool, it was a good reminder to keep a check for it in our iGaming Platform.

For Trackier, the objective of this event was to explore and build long-lasting partnerships and meet affiliates across to globe who are looking forward to expanding their businesses. 

We came prepared, we loved the floor filled with unique networking opportunities and we bagged most of it. All-in-all, it was a great experience with a lot of insights and learnings, a crucial requirement for our platform.

What do we know? What have we learned?

Showing up at events and meeting new prospects excites us. As we set our foot in the iGaming industry, there are certain things we needed to understand in order to develop our platform better. We are glad that we attended these events as we gained some valuable insights and most importantly key partnerships that will help us expand in the European market. 

What’s Next?

Up next, we will be attending Affiliate Summit East in New York City. Affiliate marketing, MMP, and iGaming are ever-changing industries and we are always keen to learn more and improve on our products. We are thrilled to be there and explore our partnership opportunities on a global scale.


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