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Team Trackier at SPiCE India 2022

Written by Barkha Gaur

SPiCE India (Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition) is the biggest gathering of all stakeholders from the gaming and betting industry in the Indian subcontinent. 

The goal of SPiCE India is to focus on how companies can maximize their growth potential, explore the innovations and advances made by the industry and take stock of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape as well as the challenges and opportunities in the industry. 

SPiCE is always the perfect mix of fun and business and there are networking opportunities laid not just at the conference but at glamorous pre and post-event parties as well. Attendees from the iGaming industry can even enjoy a curated poker tournament!

Although not a very large-scale event, with just 40+ speakers, 40+ providers, 500+ attendees, and 11 networking sessions; SPiCE India focuses on quality over quantity.

Trackier at SPiCE India

Why SPiCE?

The iGaming landscape is ever-evolving and very hard to navigate in respect to legislative and regulatory updates. SPiCE India is what you need to gain a thorough understanding of updates on the gaming-related laws in India.

If you have an iGaming product, this is THE platform to showcase or launch your product to existing and potential customers. Anyone and everyone who has a say in the iGaming business is present at SPiCE India so you have a unique opportunity to explore investment opportunities for the gaming business in India.

The best part however is the ability to connect and collaborate with industry peers in a relaxed and professional environment. You can get in touch with lawyers, tax accountants, consultants, and gaming advisors to the gaming industry in India and South Asian countries and take your business to new heights with new collaborations.

Find out where we will be heading and where you can meet us next with our blog on Top Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events. Come say hi to us!

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