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Team Trackier at Affiliate World Dubai 2022

Written by Barkha Gaur

“The mere scale at which Dubai exists today is a testament to the importance of having and sticking to a vision. The magnitude at which the city has transformed from a small cluster of settlements to a modern port, city, and commercial hub is a thing of awe on its own. Why I choose Dubai time and again to showcase Trackier is because I share the same zealous vision of taking Trackier from a small bootstrap company to an Adtech mammoth.” – Faizan, CEO & Co-founder, Trackier

Team Trackier in affiliate world Dubai

The World’s #1 Performance Marketing Conference

Affiliate World is the quintessential offline meeting place for the world’s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. With numbers like 6,648 Attendees, 204 Exhibitors, and 470 Companies from over 110 Countries, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the best affiliate conferences in the affiliate marketing industry.

Why Attend?

The 2-day conference is jam-packed with mastermind-level content presented by experts on stage. You get to learn new insights and data-driven strategies straight from the horse’s mouth. 

What we at Trackier love the most about the affiliate world is the exhibition floor. It is the perfect ground to seek and fulfill business opportunities.

At this year’s event, what we appreciated the most were the talks on Facebook Ads given by Juni, insights, and discussion on lead generation headed by monneo, and finally the perceptive presentation of Empire flippers on supply chain relations.

Affiliate world

From Trackier’s perspective

We ran into a multitude of people among which were $1M+ per month advertisers, the fastest-growing social networks and traffic sources, marketers who generate over $100k per month, fastest-growing Shopify stores, and lead gen advertisers in finance, solar, insurance, health industries, and many more.

Our team really cherished the opportunity to meet people in person after a long time.

“Although there were significant learnings from the event. Some that I would really like to implement would be the art of networking and relationship building. Over the past couple of years, everyone has been working from home and this event was a way for people to meet clients and old acquaintances as well as future prospects. I learned the value of in-person meetups and how it helps foster stronger relationships.” – Rahul, Sales Manager, Trackier.

For information on where Team Trackier will be heading next, take a look at all the major affiliate marketing events and conferences

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