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Figure out which marketing avenues in a customer journey are ultimately leading to conversion

Your customers are interacting with you through a multitude of different touch points, including social media channels, search engines, and backlinks. We will help you determine which of your campaigns are leading to the best conversions.

Assign your marketing budget based on successful consumer interactions


Understand User Journey

Achieve the best results by organising your marketing campaigns based on hard data. Understand the part that each touchpoint plays in driving conversions.

Know what Channels to Invest in

Why spend money running ads on Instagram when 80% of your customers are being acquired through Facebook? Multi-channel attribution helps you understand the touchpoints in your buyer journey better so you can decide your ideal conversion strategy.

Smart Insights to help you make decisions

Get insights into source and campaign performance, including customisable alerts, granular data and a unified view into performance across all digital channels.

Visualise Data in real-time

Get full access to first-party data for impressions, clicks, conversions, and customers, in real-time.

Simplified Custom Reports

Visulaise whatever you need through our custom metric calculations and additional reporting reviews.

Superior Campaign measurement

Add impression pixels to any creative and track impressions and collect first-party data.

0 Risk, 100% Credibilit

Don’t lose a single penny by being proactive against revenue-impacting fraud. Set custom alerts, whitelist pixels, and recognize abnormal campaign behavior and unrealistic conversion timeframe thresholds.

24*7 Support

Technical support available throughout the clock. Our dedicated Client Success Managers will walk you through every issue.

Protect your Data

Our GDPR efforts and compliance with Type 1 SOC 2 report ensures data security and privacy.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Powerful Open API:

Flexible automation tools that allow you to do more.


Mobile Measurment:

Track mobile campaigns with postback integrations to mobile measurement platforms.


Track every Event

Track every event that contributes to conversion.

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We’re with you in each step!

Speak to an expert at Trackier to see how we can help you make impactful campaigns!