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Propel Your Growth in the iOS Landscape With Dynamic Attribution Strategies

Get ready to enter the new-age world of mobile marketing with a robust partner management platform that keeps pace with Applescape developments and contributes to your business.

Switch to Smart Marketing With Privacy-Centric Data Solutions


Overcome the Challenges of New Technology

One integration to decode the loopholes of AppTrackingTechnology (ATT), and prevent duplication or mismanagement of data.

Capitalize on the Capabilities of SKAdNetwork

Fine tune the data stream to identify the limitations of your advertising strategy, and optimize your campaigns by the hour.

Simplify SKAN Conversion Tracking

Breakdown complicated data into simple performance metrics that you can monitor using advanced reporting features.

Retain Users with Relevant Content

Interpret user-level data to identify the point of their fallouts and conversion. Alter the sales funnel wherever needed to increase output.

Measure Progress at Each Step

Run SKAdNetwork analytics to calculate your effective ROAS, CPI, CPA and ARPU.

Bank on User Data

Collate and analyze multiple data streams captured by the ATT. Use it to make informed decisions about your marketing investments.

Keep Privacy at the Forefront

Remain compliant to Apple guidelines while ensuring transparency of data reporting, using tailor made conversion value strategies.

Predict the Profits With Deeper Insights

Smart attribution allows you to measure the audience response to each touchpoint of a campaign. With this data, you can frame engaging customer journeys for each channel.

One Dashboard to Gauge Effective ROI

Get a comprehensive view of your campaign performance in a graphical manner, integrating audience response rate from both Android and iOS.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Cost ETL

Comprehensive way to check marketing costs through the life cycle of an App.


Multi Touch Attribution

Choose parameters for attribution based on the nature of your campaign.


Rich In-App Events

Define milestone events as per your audience features.

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