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By definition, a click farm is any location that generates internet traffic, in bulk, for a variety of purposes.

It can either be operated as a business offering a variety of digital interaction based services; or as an independent enterprise to proliferate clicks for different purposes. You might also have heard references to like farms and troll factories – which are both forms of click farms.


How Do They Work?

These click-farms have become such a sensation mostly because many businesses view them as the only way to increase the exposure of their products and services. This is especially true if the business has just started and its chances of getting a substantial following on social media are slim.

Moreover, these click-farms are incredibly cheap. Many legitimate businesses will try to run marketing campaigns on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, in the hopes of increasing their followers.

However, oftentimes this does not happen. This drives marketers to be tempted to buy artificial followers which usually turns out to be much cheaper and effective than driving actual campaigns. Moreover, marketing campaigns can usually take months to deliver results whilst click-farms can provide what they promise in a very short time span.


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