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Brand Safety is protecting the reputation of a brand by ensuring its advertisements are not Placed anywhere on any unsecured websites, that may harm the authenticity of the brand. These unwanted things may include websites, articles, posts, videos, or apps. Most of the trusted and well-established Ad networks offer assurances and controls so digital marketers can guarantee brand safety. 


What Is Brand Safety?

Brand Safety can be defined as the process of keeping a brand’s reputation safe and secure when they advertise online or run any digital campaign. In practice, this means ensuring that ads are not placed next to inappropriate content or anywhere that will reflect poorly on the brand’s reputation in the eyes of the consumers.


What’s The Importance of Brand Safety?

The majority of small and medium publishers aren’t even aware that brand safety is a thing. As a result, they miss out on ad revenue prospects. Big publishers, like news and magazine websites, are also battling to provide accurate content without resorting to blacklisted terms, which means they’re missing out on monetization potential.


Publishers are also protected by brand safety procedures. Illegal download ads, fraudulent e-commerce ads, and invalid traffic are all possible threats. All of this has the potential to erode the publisher’s brand equity. As a result, publishers must have a thorough understanding of brand safety to prevent losing money.

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