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Shield Your Marketing Campaigns from Fraudsters at Each Step of the Partnership Chain

Trackier’s robust protection tool helps you to identify, block and prevent affiliate frauds that dry up your marketing revenue, giving you a hard time with ROI management..

An All Rounder Protection Suite, Because Faulty Data is as Good as None


Identify Frauds on the Outset

Before you run in-depth analytics on your data, segregate the suspicious visitors from the actual users. Use customized reporting features to understand the quality of traffic and types of frauds encountered in a campaign.


Realtime Reviews Made Easier

Draw hourly, weekly or monthly data of campaigns and partner performance to pinpoint the source of fraudulent activity. Use IP score insights, and audience demographics to blacklist IPs, channels or partners with high fraud risk.

Update Your Security Simultaneously

No need to compromise your ideas to the limitations imposed by evolving fraud techniques. Add validation rules for each campaign to prevent anticipated bot attacks. .


Ensure Data Accuracy and Reliability

Trackier’s anti-fraud AI tool catches abnormal user behavior, mimicked devices and other such masking techniques. It sends out alerts to you and your partners to streamline communication.


Collaborate With Quality Performers

Multi-touch attribution gives you a detailed view of the conversions brought by your partners, making sure that you do not end up paying for clicks or impressions only.


Curb Inflated Expenditure

Fraudulent traffic and fake conversions can decrease your profits. Trackier’s powerful AI-based anti-fraud tool filters suspicious leads, so that you don’t end up paying for them.


Build Lasting Partnerships

Allow your partners to self monitor their progress with personalized dashboards and commission rates. Keep them in loop about the campaign KPIs with one-to-one email alerts.

Remove the Hassle of Invoicing

Use automations to clear periodic payouts for each partner. Send custom notifications to low performing partners and automatically block dodgy ones.

Cross Check Your Marketing Statistic

Our advanced pixel tracking, coupon code support and outback management suites help you to verify the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features

Cloud domain

Feature Rich API

Draw data from multiple third-party software onto your dashboard.

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Multi Touch Attribution

Trace the customer journey and identify the decision-driving milestones.


AI-Based SmartLink

Personalize customer experiences with targeted advertising.

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We’re with you in each step!

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