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Xapads sees a 20% increase in profit after onboarding Trackier

Launched in 2008, Xapads is a global Adtech platform offering 360° Digital Marketing solutions with their presence established across India, the US, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, and Russia. They have also successfully executed campaigns across Europe, Australia, North America, South East Asia in addition to their base countries and regions.

Xapad brings in technology-driven advertising via its proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven award-winning programmatic engine, Xerxes. Their proprietary AI/ML-driven programmatic engine allows them to generate performance programmatically while maintaining high standards of brand safety and transparency. With direct access to more than 25k apps globally and direct integration with major OEMs, Xapads is able to reach over 600 mn unique users monthly.

Trackier acted as a bridge between their Performance MMPs and Platforms and recategorized the datasets in a more meaningful manner that further helped their Programmatic AI to understand and optimize the campaigns as per the performance. Our Performance Marketing Solution helped them with various key integrations that further helped in understanding and re-categorizing the important data sets.

What’s Inside?

  • How Trackier helped in obtaining a 53% increase in QoQ gross revenue
  • How Xapads saw a 41% increase in QoQ gross profit after onboarding Trackier
  • How Trackier ensured a 20% increase in profit for Xapads

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