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Wakefit increases its affiliate revenue by 25% with Trackier

Wakefit is a leader in the mattress and pillows business. They validate and certify manufacturers of foam used in mattresses and pillows and uncover the rampant fraud in the market! They produce lab-tested, genuine, and long-lasting products which are cost-efficient by up to 50% in comparison with any other ‘renowned’ brand.

They partnered with Trackier back in 2020 with a vision to scale its affiliate operations to drive more revenue and cost-per-sale conversions.

Learn how Trackier made the tracking of user journey a breeze for Wakefit with our Performance Marketing Software which enabled them to achieve:

  • A 25% growth in revenue
  • A 32% boost in profit
  • Increase in conversion rate by 40%

“We needed to make sure technology investment won’t become a burden for our business. And we evaluated that Trackier has the best pricing policy with excellent customer support.” – Pradeep Sadu, Head of Growth, Wakefit

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