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Refpay Media sees an increase of 70% in their QoQ revenue after associating with Trackier

Refpay Media is a leading solution-based digital marketing agency and an affiliate network headquartered in Singapore helping brands grow online by attracting, engaging, and retaining traffic through services like Brand Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Video And Viral Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Tracking API, Native, And Display Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.

They came to Trackier dissatisfied with their previous partner’s responsiveness. They faced persistent challenges in promptly integrating its platform with advertisers along with never-ending backend issues.

Within weeks of getting onboarded, Trackier was able to dissipate most of Refpay’s concerns ranging from integration issues with advertisers to operational issues in the backend.

What’s inside?

  • How Trackier helped Refpay Media increase their Profit Margins by 30%
  • How Refpay Media achieved a Gross Conversions rate of 47%
  • How Refpay Media’s QoQ Revenue was boosted to 70%
  • How Trackier was able to increase Refpay Media’s Gross Profit by 15%

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