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Home » Blog » Mobile Marketing » Updating app marketers: iOS 16 rollout and what it means for you

Updating app marketers: iOS 16 rollout and what it means for you

Written by Barkha Gaur

A month ago Apple announced what iOS 16 will bring about once it rolls out in September this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The changes will have a huge impact on how app marketing is done, especially the way marketers interact with consumers on mobile.  

We are taking the initiative of informing you about all the implications of these changes and what Trackier is planning to curtail the hindrance it may cause our customers. 


Trackier’s MMP constantly grows with the changing industry so you don’t have to look anywhere else

iOS 16 Updates

Customizable Lock Screen

The iOS 16 update has made the experience more personalized for Apple users. From just showing notifications, the time, date, and a few buttons for the flashlight or camera, now you can create multiple lock screens with a variety of widgets.

All it takes is a few swipes to create multiple Lock Screens and you can choose from different fonts, colors, and widgets. You can also switch between screens easily.

A use case would be to create multiple screens for different times of your day. You could create a screen with widgets for your morning routine and then another one for work. The possibilities are endless! 

If you are an app developer and support widgets, you have a better chance of capturing your users’ attention with this feature. On the other hand, the updated features may create problems for marketers who send opt-in notifications to iPhone users.

As an app marketer, you need to get your apps closer and closer to the user. First, it was the home screen and now it will be the lock screen.

Consumer Privacy Protections

The biggest change that Apple has brought has been to its privacy-related features. Previously, they shook the MMP industry with their App Tracking Transparency feature that they introduced with iOS 14.5.

Things have been shifting in the mobile industry toward being more privacy-centric so third-party data is being more restricted by the day. The evolution of privacy has hindered the efficiency of advertising. The absence of device identifiers is bound to make the life of marketers even more difficult.

Trackier lets ad networks & advertisers measure performance while still preserving their customers’ privacy

 Apple Pay Later

Global buy now, pay later (BNPL) transactions are predicted to increase by over 450 billion USD between 2021 and 2026. This has accelerated the alternative payment method which now has increased by almost 400 percent since 2021.

This demonstrates that pay later options are becoming more and more popular these days. Now Apple Pay has also made it possible for its users to make purchases over four equal installments over a six-week period with zero interest and fees.

Apple now has entered the BNPL ecosystem which has exploded their market. They are now planning to enter the market for lower and middle-class incomes in the BNPL market to expand their potential customer base.

Marketers can make the most of this feature as integrating it into their strategy can bring up their average ticket size and boost conversions.

Ad Breaks in SharePlay

Apple is also trying to ensure a more consistent viewing experience for its SharePlay users. Even ad breaks while watching streams will be coordinated through stitched-in ads and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) interstitials.

Live Text

With this update, Apple has made it possible for its users to interact with the texts on images and videos. This has made interaction on multimedia better and marketers can of course use this functionality to increase the interaction with their userbase.

If you are a developer you can exploit the Live Text API feature to easily harness the Live Text features.

There’s more to come! Keep reading Trackier’s blog and we will keep updating you with updates in the industry and what they will mean for you. If you are worried about how the recent changes in iOS 16 will impact your business, you can contact us to know how Trackier can help you make the most of advertising on iOS.

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