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Home » Blog » Affiliate Marketing » How Does Universal Link And App Link Help You Boost ROI?

How Does Universal Link And App Link Help You Boost ROI?

Written by Nikhil

Technical and marketing teams are much of the time confounded by the idea of Apple Universal Links and Android App Links and how they connect with deep linking. So what are Universal Links and App Links?

Basically, Universal Links and App Links are comparative systems (one for iOS, one for Android) that can be applied to any battle connect to send clients straightforwardly to an application.

In this blog you will figure out how Universal Links and App Links work, what are the advantages and how to apply them to your missions to improve application execution.

Universal Link and App Link

What are Universal Links?

You can connect to deep links in your iOS app using Universal Links, which are supported in iOS 9.2 and later. When a user clicks on a Universal Link, iOS takes them to your app’s deep link. If your app isn’t installed, it opens a browser window with your website’s URL.

Apple’s universal links, also known as web views, are a way for a website to run apps on its operating system. When an iOS user clicks on a link to content inside an app or website, they get an integrated mobile experience.

In general, there aren’t many differences between universal links and normal App Links. Universal links, on the other hand, are exclusively available on iOS-enabled Apple devices and can be used to open a web page from any location.

What are App Links?

App Links is an Android 6.0 or later feature that allows you to connect to deep links within your app. When a user taps on a Program Link, Android takes them to your app’s deep link. 

How do Universal Link and App Link work?

  1. Apple Universal Links is an iOS standard that allows a user to click a link and be immediately sent to the app (if it is available on their device).
  2. When a user clicks on a Universal Link or App Link, the operating system checks to see if the app is installed on their device.
  3. Because the operating system (OS) opens the app without having to open the browser or load the URL, the response time is extremely fast.
  4. Remember that Universal Links and App Links can only be used to open an app that has previously been installed. If the app isn’t installed, you can use a deep-linking provider to set up a deferred deep linking procedure. It’s critical to realize that deferred deepwater drilling is not the same as deferred deep linking.

The benefits of Universal Link and App Link

How Does Universal Link And App Link Work?

Improve the customer experience – By using Universal Links and App Links to bring users to the appropriate in-app information (providing the user has already installed the app). Instead of needing to open the app and then search for the proper material, the user is taken straight to the desired page, offering a seamless user experience.

Provide users with a safe path to followHackers can utilize Universal Links and Program Links to hijack unwary users and redirect them to a phony app.

Increase the number of people who download your app — A bump in your conversion rates is a happy byproduct of a better customer experience. The faster a user can get the information they desire, the more likely they are to convert.

Increased retention rates — A better overall experience leads to increased engagement. It is commonly recognized that re-engaging a current user is easier than acquiring a new one. As a result, increased retention rates will result from improved engagement.


Universal Link and App Links have become one of the major elements of ad campaigns and tracking. It helps you as a brand to take your business to the next level and increase your ROI. Moreover, you can use our Mobile marketing tool to make your ad campaigns and tracking easy. Also, in case you need any assistance, feel free to reach us.

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