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Trackier solved the tracking challenges faced by Games 24*7

Written by Mukul Kaushik

Trackier Game Challenge

Trackier’s journey to improve the product and making its usability flexible to a large pool of use cases is the challenge and vision our team thrives by. In this quest, we took up the challenge to solve the tracking challenges faced by games 24*7, obviously the classic features provided by a tracking solution platform weren’t enough and relevant to this use case, so we decided to take a bit of a detour and challenge our vision.

Problem set: Making the tracking solution relevant to the advertiser side.

Solution: With the onset of Trackier we as a group of passionate techies were clear that technology, stability and feature flexibility will be the cornerstone to our growth, revisiting the same school though, we underwent a rigorous requirement gathering sessions with the client where we analysed each and every use case, we solved these use cases with our existing feature sets, but we soon hit a roadblock where the use cases overflew the system.

How did we solve it? 

We went back to the drawing board, literally drew flow diagrams to each and every feature and we tweaked the features exclusively for the client.

Result: The client now has a super custom tracking solution that covers all it’s use cases.

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