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Trackier Named Best Platform for Ad-Tech Solutions and Most Outstanding Mobile Attribution Solution at MOBEXX 2021

Written by udit verma

We are incredibly proud to announce that Trackier was bestowed with not one but two very prestigious awards at the MOBEXX Awards this year hosted by Adgully. We are overjoyed to be named the Best Platform for Ad-Tech Solutions and the Most Outstanding Mobile Attribution Solution.

We are honored to be named among the most innovative and transformative technology companies across the media and advertising industries. This is the first time Mobexx has recognized an Ad-Tech company and we are glad to see our hard work and passion being acknowledged.

Mobexx awards

Our Ad-Tech Solutions are being used by Brands worldwide and we have had the opportunity of working with over 1500 customers from 20+ countries. We have helped our customers excel in their marketing efforts be it performance, partner, or mobile marketing through the unprecedented times that the pandemic brought us, and will continue to do so in the future as well.

We are honored at being recognized for everything that makes us different from the rest of the Ad-Tech Platforms in the market and will continue to innovate to further make campaign management easier for marketers.

Our end-to-end solution provides platforms for Ad Networks, Ad Agencies, Brands, Advertisers, and Mobile App Owners and is truly a complete Ad-Tech Solutions Provider. We have announced the Gold winners via a virtual event on 30th November. Although being an online event, this year’s award ceremony was without the usual pomp, it made us even more driven to be nominated next year so we could come and meet all the incredible people nominated and awarded alongside us.

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