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Trackier Highlights and Updates of 2021

Written by Barkha Gaur

The new year is on the doorstep and we are excited for all that we are planning to achieve in 2022. However, we want to look back fondly at a wonderful year that is rushing past us and acknowledge our accomplishments before we close this chapter in our lives.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of Trackier in 2021.

Trackier Roadmap 2021


Pause Non-Converting Campaigns

If you have a lot of campaigns and some of them are not converting even in a month, why waste traffic on them? With this update, you can pause campaigns that do not convert in 30 days. You can set up your Advertiser level settings for the system to check the campaigns once every day and eliminate those that receive at least 100 clicks and zero conversions in the last 30 days.

This setting is on the Advertiser level, go to Advertiser Manage > Particular Advertiser > Setting > Basic.


Unique Click Session Duration

Duplicate clicks creating problems? With this update, we enable you to block duplicate clicks based on cookie sessions. If the user clicks on the ad and tries to click on the ad again in between the Unique Click Session Duration then you can redirect the user to:

  • Blank Page
  • Fallback URL


Run Coupon Campaigns

With so many Advertisers now offering new customer discounts and digital coupons, it’s likely a coupon code exists to apply towards your user’s next online activity. Trackier Coupon Code Tracking unlocks a powerful new way to track performance from your Partners. Now you can create Coupon codes based campaign.


Add your Finance Team on Trackier with the new Role “Accountant”

Want to assign all the invoice Management Tasks to your Finance person? 

In April we introduced a feature where you could add an “accountant” who will have access to only Invoice Management and nothing else. They will be able to create and delete invoices for your Affiliates/Publishers. 

Feel free to add the concerned person while securing other data.


Create Custom Login Page

Want to use a self-designed custom login page? Simply use the required code in your webpage and let your users log in through it.


Dark Mode on the panel

Going with the trend, we rolled out the new Night Mode feature for our platform. Now you can toggle between the three different modes at your convenience.

If you think that long exposure to light emitted from your screen is becoming a problem to your eyes then remember the dark mode is just one click away!

Also, you can allow your platform to schedule both modes during the day according to the settings which are configured in your system.


Currency Exchange Rates for Campaign Payouts

You can now choose individual values in Currency Exchange Rates for your campaign payouts corresponding to 1 USD! Just enter the value in the boxes placed right next to the respective currencies and hit save. 

Go to Customise>>Tracking and scroll down to manually enter the payout values for the available currencies.


Setting up campaigns using Campaign Wizard

Defining a campaign in Trackier just became 2x easier with our New Campaign Wizard tool launched in August. You just have to go to Campaign>>Campaign Wizard and all tabs to customize your offer which is depicted in chronological order, so that every detail, such as targeting, cap, creatives, etc is taken care of in one go!


Shopify Integration

Shopify integration was made live in September 2021, which means you can now directly connect your Shopify store with your Trackier platform and can access all your clicks and conversion data in one place in the dashboard.

The setup process is absolutely seamless and you wouldn’t even need Technical assistance to set it up!

Go to Automation>Integration > E-commerce > Shopify


S2S click integration

This update brought along a more robust server-to-server click integration or parallel tracking technology so users can track campaigns without using multiple redirects.


Additional filters to pare down your data

Use the additional filters to pare down your data until it only shows you the data that you want!

With the new filters, you can target your report to be segregated on the basis of Geo, Device, OS, Carrier, and Sub ID values.


Introduced Graphical Reports

Finally, we closed the year by introducing graphical reports which you can use to analyze your data better with Trackier. Be it Campaign reports or Conversion statistics, you can now view trends at a glance with this feature.

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