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Trackier at The Europian Summit- Lisbon

Written by Mukul Kaushik

Team Trackier visited TES Conference which was held on March 1st til March 4th in Cascais, Portugal. The event was about networking, affiliate marketing and digital products. The conference hosted a number of the largest affiliates, media buyers, advertisers and publishers. There were a lot of professionals from the financial, gaming, the online entertainment industry, dating, forex, e-commerce, gambling, binary options, health, nutraceuticals and many others for an accelerated 3-day networking event.

Trackier at The Europian Summit- Lisbon

Here are a bunch of questions that people asked us during their visit to our Booth at TES.

team trackier

Q) Why are you better than competitors?
A) As compared to our motto is to add value to our clients business with additional features such as Smart Link, Ad Fraud Detection, Campaign Automation, Affiliate Link Checker.
You only pay by the conversions generated through your offers, no matter how many campaigns you run tests and with any number of visitors.

Q) How can we detect fraud using Trackier?
A) Trackier create Rules to Block Traffic based on unrecognized devices, reject conversion based on CTIT etc. It also mark bot traffic generated from your publisher and sub-publisher. Trackier also measures User Agent, Browser TimeZone with IP location, browser cookies etc and reject those fraud clicks. Checks if conversion is generated by Unique IP and verified one.

Q) What are the ways to optimise a campaign?
A) Once you add Advertiser or Setup Campaign you can define performance metrics to auto-optimize traffic rules, these rules work as a base in blocking non-converting traffic.
For maintaining CR & Click you can Blocks Sub-Publishers on a Campaign level if they don’t provide the number of clicks mentioned for at least 1 conversion or if CR is low than the value mentioned
For Maintaining Clicks you can Blocks Publisher on a Campaign level if they don’t provide the number of clicks mentioned

Q) What is the difference between click-based pricing and conversion based pricing?
A) Click Based Pricing: The charging would be on clicks consumed under a campaign.
Conversion Based Pricing: The billing would be on every conversion tracked, include unlimited clicks. No charging on the clicks.

Q) How do Trackier and Offer Optimise and integration works?
A) Trackier is integrated with Offer Optimise: Smart affiliate tracking links checker validate the system that gives both advertiser and publisher the option to automatically check the offers/campaigns link in order to avoid sending traffic to a broken link, hence stop you to spend the money on the inactive campaigns.

Events like TES give us a great opportunity to reconnect with our clients, partners and prospects. Thank you to every member who visited us and had a conversation about their business and needs.

Hope to see you all again soon.

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