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Best Sportsbook Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

Written by Bharath

Online sports betting is a booming business with its evaluation currently estimated at USD $225 billion per year. Despite sportsbooks being a niche competition, it has a massive potential to fill up your bank in no time provided that you are willing to put some effort into it. This is where Sportsbook Affiliate programs come in. 

Online marketers have benefited significantly from affiliate marketing in recent years. Affiliate marketing in online sports betting will help you make a ton of money and ultimately grow both your business and the services of the brand you are endorsing as long as you produce high-quality content that adds value.

In this blog, we have curated some of the best Sportsbetting Affiliate Programs that you can consider for your business.

Sportsbook affiliate programs

Top 10 Sports Betting Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

1. 5k Betting System 

5k Betting system is essentially a recommendation service that tells you what matches to bet on. It promises its customers a sure profit based on its recommendations. 

There is a sign-up fee of £100 which allows you to get access to their selections on a day-to-day basis via email.

As for affiliate marketers, their sports betting affiliate program pays 50% commission per sale, roughly about $20 per transaction.

Website: 5k Betting System

2. 1xbet Affiliate Program

1xbet has a huge 400,000 user base and is known for providing a wide selection of sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, ice hockey, handball, cycling, formula 1, etc. 1Xbet offers several betting types for the convenience of punters such as live bets, handicap, correct score, run of play, etc. 1Xbet is also known for providing resources in native languages so they are easy to understand for your visitors. 

Their Sportsbook Affiliate program offers a 25% commission per referral and pays every week.

Website: 1xbet 

3. FanDuel 

FanDuel is a US-based sportsbook that allows its users to bet on fantasy sports, regular sporting events, and even horse races. It is licensed in 15 states in the US.

FanDuel offers sports betters a little bit of everything. It is one of the first sportsbooks to enable sports bettors to bet on fantasy sports games and win real cash.

As for affiliates, Fanduel offers one of the highest payouts of all the sports betting affiliate programs. 

There are two different ways one can choose with their sports betting affiliate program.

    1. Cost Per Action (CPA): An affiliate can earn about $35 per referral if more than 100 people are signing up per month via the affiliate link.
    2. Revenue Share Program: Here, an affiliate gets a 35% cut of all the revenue generated by their referrals for the initial 730 days on the platform.

Website: FanDuel

4. Betting Gods 

Betting Gods provides its users with some betting tips from tipsters/experts for free, eliminating guesswork in sports betting. So far, Betting Gods has 120,000 members, all getting their daily betting tips free of charge.

Their sports betting affiliate program, Betting Gods pays its affiliates $115.31 per referral. They have an upsell process in place which will earn you bigger commissions from these multiple up-sells.

Website: Betting Gods

5. Bet365 

If you are a football fan, you’ve definitely heard or seen a commercial for this one. Founded in the year 2000, Bet365 is a well-established UK-based online betting company with a core specialization in online sports betting, and casinos and has a huge customer base of 53 million across the globe. 

Bet365 is one of the leading sportsbook platforms in the world and nearly generates  £3 billion in revenue each year.

Bet365 has a very simple sports betting affiliate program. There is a 30% commission on every customer an affiliate marketer gets, along with a commission on every activity on the platform and every bet placed by the referred customer. 

Website: Bet365

6. ZCode System

ZCode System is known for using predictive technology that’s commonly used in FOREX markets and uses it for online betting. The results? Your visitors will be getting sports predictions based on a statistical analysis of games that will generate the most profit, for an entire year!

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a mindblowing $632 per sale by promoting their offer, and that too on an average. 

Well, of course, that completely depends upon what your visitors spend utilizing their funds on the platform, such as their VIP Club or subscribing to their ZCode Alamanac.

Website: Zcode

7. Paddy Power 

Despite their lack of presence in the US, Paddy Power is huge on the other side of the Atlantic. Their target audience is from all over Europe, the UK, and Ireland, where they are traditionally based from. 

Paddy Power has a long list of sports including football, golf, NFL, and even fantasy sports leagues, on which punters can place a bet.

The other thing that Paddy Power is known for is its sports betting affiliate program.

Depending on the sport your audience bets on, you can earn anywhere between £15 and £20 per referral. 

Website: Paddy Power

8. Betfair 

Betfair is yet another online betting exchange that functions similar to Paddy Power and is known to operate as one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world. 

They became one of the first betting exchanges to eliminate the bookmaker from the betting equation and enabled bettors and punters to bet against each other. Betfair offers its customers online casino, bingo, poker, and is a sportsbook. 

For affiliate markets, Betfair offers a 30% revenue share of the net winnings of your referrals. This applies to the entire lifetime of the customer spending and earning on the platform. This means recurring affiliate commissions. Great, right?

They also process payments every 30 days and have a 30-day cookie policy. 

Website: Betfair

9. Profit Maximizer Sports Betting Affiliate Program

Profit Maximizer is the matched betting platform where sports punters use a system of free bets and incentives offered by the bookies to earn cash.

Serious punters don’t target to get a single big win, they go for multiple smaller wins consistently.

Profit Maximizer offers pre-screened bets, a step-by-step guide, and a few more features for its members. They also offer a £1 free trial for affiliates to attract new visitors.

Profit Maximizer’s Sportsbook affiliate program has one of the highest commission rates of 75%, which translates to a payout of $56 per referral. 

Website: Profit Maximizer

10. 888 Sports

888 Sports is one of the top online sports betting platforms in the betting industry to promote responsible gambling and claims to offer pre-match and live matches with the best odds available out there. 

It is a complete sportsbook that has a website and a mobile app for a seamless betting experience with a safe environment for its users. There is a long list of sports to bet on such as football, cricket, ice hockey, motorsports, cycling, chess matches, etc.

Affiliate marketers love this sportsbook affiliate program for one good reason, i.e., personalized commission plans to ensure high commissions to their affiliates and provide a personal affiliate manager who assists affiliates with creatives and marketing materials for your audience. 

Website: 888 Sports


There are a variety of options out there for affiliates to make a nice and sizable income in the online sports betting niche. The only hurdle is that these options are limited by in-house promotions that most sportsbooks use.
Having multiple affiliate accounts can help you here and get you into most Sportsbook affiliate programs. We have written a blog on Sportsbooks Tips for Affiliates that can help you in this regard.
Also, if you are looking for tracking your advertising efforts and manage your affiliate campaigns, check out Trackier’s Performance marketing and Ad-tech Solutions.

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