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Automation Tools Help In Work Life Balance & Upscaling Business

Written by Aishna Ohri

Exhaustive Online Automation Tools for your business in the present world can be a good step towards your business growth. It’s a universal desire of every businessman to scale their business in a rapid and cost- effective way. All it takes is awareness and adaptibility.

Automation Tools

What Are Automation Tools And How Do They Help?

Automation Tools are the tools that help organisations or businesses automate their testing needs, this is likely to reduce human intervention and achieve greater speed, reliability and efficacy.

For Example, Trackier is an automation tool that has three major features that help businesses grow.

 1. Performance Marketing Tool:

Performance marketing tool by Trackier helps the brands, organisations identify their affiliates and influencers that are giving them maximum returns and even helps them with a dedicated panel where the users can streamline the payments of their affiliates and influencers as well. This tool saves the businesses time and money, as the ground work is done by trackier. Brands only spend on marketing service providers after their business objectives have been achieved or when specific actions have been taken, such as a click, sale or lead. In other words, it is performance-based marketing.

 2. Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP):

Mobile marketing platform is the one that helps the mobile apps understand which of their channels are giving their application higher insights that help in the growth of the application. Trackier MMP traces the source of an install (organic/paid) and gives aggregate statistics for it.

In 2020, the size of the global mobile marketing market was estimated at 11 billion U.S. dollars, and the source projected that it would reach 57.85 billion dollars by 2030. This would signify a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 18 percent.

What does Trackier MMP tool offer:

  • Helps track Affiliate traffic – Number of users bought by publishers, advertisers or agencies
  • IN APP ADVERTISING (IAA) AND IN APP PURCHASING (IAP) – These Two features help you track monetization strategies and their effectiveness. 
  • Audience segmentation insights can help to tailor in-app engagement strategies.
  • Pull out reports for performance metrics for any given period, user trajectory, publisher/advertising channel etc. 
  • Helps to define a list of events (in-app benchmarks) that a user reaches as s/he progresses through the App. 
  • You can pick from preset events like first recharge, level achieved, tutorial complete and registration, OR create your own custom events e.g. partial registration.
  • Logs: One feature that allows you to download monthly/weekly logs of clicks/impressions/installs/uninstalls/ conversions/in-app events as per different categories e.g. geography, partners, agencies, event IDs etc. 

These business insights of your Mobile Application can help you make the right business online marketing decisions.

3. Anti- Fraud Tool:

  • Mobile Marketing Platform Anti-Fraud Tool: Block fraudulent downloads to prevent swelled up costs. 
  •  Performance Marketing Anti-fraud tool:  Blocks and identify fake clicks and their source of having such tools 

Considering the present day scenario, our lives have become busy and we always have some or the other thing in our schedule. Such tools enhance your work life balance as they take your worry away, save your time by bringing you business insights that can maximise your ROI which eventually upscales your business.

And once your business is on a progressive path you can focus on other things in life, who doesn’t need that extra hour of relief!

Speak to our experts for more information.

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