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Learn to split your landing page traffic via A/B testing

Written by Siddharth Jain

What is A/B testing in Marketing?

Split testing or A/B testing, is the process of trying 1 or more different factors to see which one delivers better results. A/B testing is common in many professional industries and also plays an important role in marketing. A/B testing is frequently done to test landing page experience of a website, email flows, and other digital marketing activities.

Importance of A/B Testing in Affiliate Marketing

While Affiliate Marketing campaigns, A/B testing is required to evaluate & assess your conversion funnels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, a data-driven attitude will help your business forward. Guess work simply doesn’t cut it when you are under serious budget constraints & want to enhance the performance of your camapign. You will be surprised by the results you’ll obtain through experimenting!

A/B testing for affiliate marketing: 

  • Helps in providing insights into how your audience responds to changes on your website or in your campaigns
  • Is data-driven and eliminates guesswork
  • Helps in identifying issues that influence the user experience on your site & in turn helps you under what helps in driving more conversions & sales in a better way.

What does Trackier offer?

Often affiliate marketers face challenges as to which landing page is generating more conversions for them. To solve this problem, Trackier has come up with another feature via which affiliate marketers/networks can split the traffic between multiple landing pages to identify which landing page is generating more conversions, in turn more revenue. This A/B landing page testing update will help the campaign runners identify the best performing landing page for future references as well.

a/b testing

Important To Note: Campaign runners can run A/B testing with up to 10 landing pages in this rule and check which works best for you. First, you need to add Landing Page in the particular Campaign then set the rule. This feature is available in the Trackier Enterprise Plan.

This feature can be found in Particular campaign > Setting > Landing Pages Traffic Split

Setting Up Split Rule

  • To Enable the Rule, select the box which says “Enable Traffic Split Across Landing Pages”.
  • All the Active landing pages you add in the campaign Landing Page feature will be visible here.
  • Set the percentage of traffic you need on the particular landing page.
  • Set 0 in Percentage if you want to exclude it from the rule.
Dashboard UI

Important points to keep in mind related to this feature

  • Landing page targeting should not be added.(for eg Country, city or region)
  • Landing page/pre lander should not be specified in the Publisher tracking link.
  • No random landing / prelanding is specified in the tracking link.

Performance Report Of The Landing Page

To access the report, select the right menu & go to Report > Campaign Report > Filter > Landing page.

Dashboard UI

Choose the landing page from Group by filter and search, then you can check all the information that is related to that landing page.

Incase of any queries reach out to us at [email protected]

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