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Leverage iGaming Affiliate Marketing with Real-Time Analysis

Written by Bharath

Targeted actions are the foundation of effective iGaming affiliate marketing campaigns to achieve the best results. But knowing how to aim for your target presents a challenge. You can only use luck as a strategy if you can keep track of who, when, where, and what.

The good news is that we enjoy finding solutions to problems, so we’ve added real-time statistics driven by APIs to give you control over all the data. Take a look at three examples below where operators used our real-time statistics to target and seize opportunities with the greatest potential value instead of taking our word for it.

igaming affiliate

Where Can iGaming Affiliate Benefit from Real-Time Data Analysis?

Enhancing Effective Marketing Channels

Every online casino has the potential for instant change. Real-time sales tracking enables you to quickly identify a particular affiliate channel, increase your profit, and take action on it.

For example, a one-time streaming agreement exists between an operator and an influencer. They observed a 150–170% increase in player flow toward the end of the stream. Therefore, they made the decision to extend the streaming by two more hours, which resulted in +250% more players.

Fostering Transparency and Trust

Live data encourages openness and trust, enabling operators and affiliates to act quickly to recognize and address problems. Top affiliates also favor operators who use real-time reporting.

For example, an operator evaluates real-time analysis of underperforming affiliate channels. In comparison to other channels, this one was receiving incredibly low ratings. The issue was discovered to be a broken link upon closer inspection. After candidly discussing the problem with the affiliate, everything was back on track, and both parties were pleased with the outcome.

Detecting and Preventing Fraud on the Go

Affiliate managers can detect any suspicious affiliate traffic right away with the help of a real-time data feed. Fraudulent activities are much less likely to go unnoticed or be covered up. You can read our blog on iGaming Affiliate Marketing Frauds for more reference.

For example, an operator notices a suspicious pattern in the traffic coming from one of its affiliates. A user from this affiliate specifically made several low-bid bets followed by one large bet, indicating that they either wanted to place a “safe bet” or stealthily earn commissions. The suspect user was immediately removed by the operator.

Leveraging real-time data with Trackier iGaming Affiliate Marketing Software

With today’s affiliate marketing tools, you can create deal types and offers that attract top affiliates to your platform, bringing in top players as a result. You can also control your data flow and target the most pertinent audiences.

With the real-time API feature that Trackier has developed, third-party gaming operators can now:

  • Gain quick access to useful insights into their affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Make prompt decisions about whether to continue or end a promotion based on the results.
  • Boost data-driven investment in successful campaigns.
  • Eliminate reporting delays to stop suspicious activity.

The API-based solution, along with other crucial tools provided by Trackier’s iGaming marketing software, encourages and protects open collaborations between affiliates and operators. 

Our partners achieve an impressive return on investment in as little as a year with a sound affiliate marketing strategy that effectively utilizes the tools offered.

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