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Home » Blog » brand collaboration » How Trackier solved scalibity problem for Oximobimedia

How Trackier solved scalibity problem for Oximobimedia

Written by Mukul Kaushik



The challenge

For a network that yields high numbers and functions on a high-value scale, it’s imperative to choose a platform that can handle the volume. Oximobimedia has been facing the volume challenge with a lot of platforms that promised desirable pricing models but no reliability as far as scalability is concerned. For such a network a stable tracking platform with flexible instrumental tech support.


As a solution, Trackier offered its platform. We were sure to solve the client’s scaling issue as the platform has been consistently processing more than 50 Billion events a month. In addition to the platform stability and 99% uptime, it has more than 120+ API integrations that help you pull in offers with custom settings. Some of the attributes that made it a win-win for Oximobimedia

  1. Consistent communication and constant support: Trackier’s support team is highly technology intuitive and understands the meaning of delivery and deadline, we managed the client’s expectations and delivered when it was crucial pivoting the ROI.
  2. Custom feature development: Trackier’s tech team is super flexible in tailoring the platform according to its client’s need. We build an array of features for Oximobimedia that helped them pull in custom reports, optimise campaigns and boost their ROI.
  3. Smooth Onboarding and training: Trackier understands the fact that migrating to a new platform is a challenge for every team and guiding hand in this phase can really help the organization get comfortable with the technology.


As a result of Trackier’s tailored approach, Oximobimedia could rely on Trackier and could smoothly migrate to the platform to commence all their operations. Oximobimedia continues t grow and boost their ROI.

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