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How to utilize waste traffic with the fallback setting?

Written by Siddharth Jain

While running affiliate marketing campaigns, Affiliate Networks have an option to utilise waste traffic on their Trackier Panel. You can use the Fallback URL settings via which if the conditions are not met, you can redirect the traffic on a particular offer to a Fallback URL.

Below are the conditions in which the fallback URL is set.

You can utilise any link as Fallback URL, on which you want traffic if you want to divert traffic on some campaign. We suggest to add some internal publisher and create a tracking link and add that link as Fallback URL, this will help you to track conversion on Trackier Panel.

Performance Marketing

Important To Note: Priority of Fall back level is set as Campaign Level, if not set then Advertiser Level, if not set then Global Level.

How to set Fallback URL At Campaign Level

First, Go to Particular Campaign > Settings > Fallback Traffic

Here you can add campaign level FallBack URL. Also, You have an option to Select a Particular campaign as Fallback.

Dashboard UI

Fallback URL setup at advertiser level

Go to particular Advertiser > Settings > Basic

Dashboard UI

How to set Fallback URL At Global levels

Go to Customize > Tracking

Dashboard UI

In case you have queries regarding the Fallback URL setup, checkout this article or reach out to us at [email protected]


While running your Affiliate Marketing campaigns, there are times where your Advertiser allows traffic from a certain Geo-Location or might set a cap on the number of conversions allowed on the offer, marking all irrelevant conversions null. To stop your hard-earned traffic going to waste, Trackier allows you to redirect this traffic to other offers where the audience might end up delivering conversions & sales in turn helping jump up your revenue & reaching your performance marketing goals.


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