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Home » Blog » iGaming » How Effective Is In-game Advertising As Marketing Strategy?

How Effective Is In-game Advertising As Marketing Strategy?

Written by Aishna Ohri

It was 50 yrs ago video games were created, can you imagine those times? Past years have been revolutionary, evolutionary for this industry. Comparing the gaming industry decades back to present is of vast difference and today’s gaming environments are realistic, impactful and immersive.

There has been an ongoing mutation of gaming devices, now videogames can be played through numerous devices like  computers, Mobiles, smartphones, consoles, VR’s. In the present day scenario gaming has a huge impact on the users.

Covid-19 has also revolutionized the gaming industry. The lockdown led people to sit at home, therefore an outlet to game lovers spending more time on media game consumption, Especially on young generation.

Going Forward we will discover how to hit the target audience using differentiated advertising techniques, by creating realistic gaming experiences.

In Advertising Gaming


What is In-Gaming Advertising?

Selling ad space within their games is one-way game creators generate cash. This is known as in-game advertising.
Although the advertising come in a variety of styles, all of them aim to attract attention while preserving the player’s game experience.

Why Invest In The IN-GAME Advertising?

It’s true the potential of in-gaming Advertising has a lot to offer in strategising your marketing. This technique can make your brand more visible as firstly, on advertising channels as the competition is still on the lower end.

Secondly, if you are willing to reach specific audiences, this platform gives you an ideal opportunity.

To optimise your ads in real time, the best way to do this is to invest in in-game ads. If your brand wants to develop a unique advertising message, the customisation options are fantastic prospects for you. 

To top it all off, in-game advertising can be a terrific way to gather really detailed data and improve the understanding of your audience. 

You can refine your key messages every day by understanding the usual gamer profile and the amount of time your audience spends playing video games.


Gamer Typologies

To understand the value of in-game advertising for your brand look into the following different typologies of gamers. It’s going to help you understand how safe it is to reach your target audiences by just advertising your brand through the favorite games of your target audience.

Four regular gamers typologies you can base your in-game advertising campaigns on:

  1. Casual gamers:

Mostly 33+ yr females and playing through their smartphones or tablets (not consoles).‍

     2. Convivial gamers:

Playing on gaming consoles, more than once a week. Their differentiating factor is that they are of 29+ person household and love one dimension of gaming i.e. the Social dimension

     3. Committed gamers:

Mainly males between the age of 19 – 15 years and they atleast play at least once in a day on their Personal Computers or any other device. They are typical gamers who invest their time on his or her favorite games. 

     4. Geek techies:

Often played on the last generation game consoles, but this can also be on more than 15+ devices. Students and males usually play..This can help you recognise the part of your advertising audience that can  be in one of these typologies.


And when it comes to track the result or the outcome of the running or the coming In-game Advertising campaign , you can rely on Trackier iGaming Platform.

Trackier helps you understand how your ads are performing, it helps you track users behavior so you can make the right business call. Book a free trial Today!

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