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4 Features To Look Out For In Your Affiliate Software

Written by Nikhil

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make connections with assiduity influencers, engage guests, and increase deals. It’s salutary for both businesses and cells, offering the opportunity to make more profit from lower effort­ — and without blowing the advertising budget. To make the utmost of an affiliate program, you need a dedicated software to measure performance metrics, control commissions, and ensure your online presence is always charming. Let’s take a near look into the world of affiliate software.

Affiliate Software Features

What’s Affiliate Marketing Software? 

Affiliate Or Performance Marketing Software is well-engineered software designed to help you grow, track, and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. There are tons of devoted tools available, from tracking and analytics to website creation and SEO optimization — and they’re growing in popularity. 

These are generally bought as SaaS( software as a service) on a yearly subscription, with servers and maintenance handled by the provider. 

However, you’ll need comprehensive performance marketing software like Trackier Performance Marketing Software, which gives you full functionality to run your affiliate program successfully.

You can also avail of a free trial of our Performance Marketing Software directly from here!!

Top 4 Features To Look Out For In Your Affiliate Software

Features To Consider In Your Affiliate Marketing Software

1. Campaign Monitoring & Management: 

Whenever you look out for any of the best affiliate marketing software present, the first thing you must mark on your checklist should be its capability to track the running campaign. Our efficient performance marketing software provides the opportunity to customize your alerts and set up unique commission structures to compensate partners. You can also monetize your traffic in real-time by setting up custom targeting parameters such as location, device, etc.

2. Real-Time Data Analysis: 

Ours is a simple yet efficient, easy-to-understand, and integrated performance marketing software that provides business reports and results based on real-time data. This helps you in making a decision based on the latest information to leave a maximum impact on your marketing activities and partnerships.

Our Performance Marketing software helps you to break down performance from each placement through our drill-down analytics. It gives you the liberty to track engagement events driven by your affiliates. Also, you get the comfort to analyze conversion timing, variance reports, click level details, and track performance across any metric: CPC, Events, Avg. Sale Value, etc.

3. Anti-Fraud Protection : 

Running an affiliate marketing program is an effective way to grow your business and increase profit. Unfortunately, there’s also a threat of vicious conditioning, similar to fraud, that can hurt your earnings and undermine your advertising enterprise. 

Luckily, with Trackier performance marketing software, you can avoid all these mishaps. Our real-time fraud prevention works through cluster analysis, personalized validation rules, in-app fraud rules, and post-attribution fraud detection.

The software helps you identify bots and protect yourself from attribution fraud with advanced in-app & CPA protection. You can also identify abnormal behavior patterns in partners to identify fraud and put a stop to it.

4. Streamlined Payouts:

TRACKIER makes it simple for organizations to set and assign payouts to partners. To work on your relation-building, this product makes commission and payment schemes visible. The straightforwardness brings about building trust. You can set your bonuses and payout framework on your core task. Additionally, it ensures that publishers get to understand what they are pursuing.

Benefits Of Using Affiliate Software 

  • The tools mentioned over make it much easier to carry out the day-to-day operation of your Affiliate marketing program. You can handle the increased leads generated by your affiliates, communicate more fluently with your mates, and manage all your links across different Affiliate networks and campaigns. 
  • Thanks to automation and AI, Affiliate marketing tools help save time and coffers, so you can concentrate on sourcing new hookups and creating engaging content for your guests.
  • With the right tools, nearly every area of performance marketing can be tracked, which makes it a lot simpler to measure your ROI and check how well the Affiliate program is doing. The stylish software has customizable dashboards for you to view data on deals, prints, leads, and clicks. 
  • As we said before, the subscription pricing model makes this software affordable for utmost businesses and cells. You just pay for what you need, and the provider takes care of the rest. It’s also easy to gauge up as your program expands. 

Bottom line

Having affiliate software can make your work easy and convenient. And that being said, you can firmly invest in Trackier Performance Marketing software that is loaded with the industry’s best features and will help you make your affiliate management program fruitful. Kindly fill in your details here to signup for the free demo. We would be happy to help.


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