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Affiliate Campaign Setup tips to help scale your business

Written by Siddharth Jain

Every Affiliate Marketeer tends to work with a lot of publishers while running an affiliate marketing campaign to reach out to varied users & tap into different geographies which they weren’t previously able to get through to. While working with publishers in the market, the partners tend to set different payout or commissions for different publishers based on varied parameters & metrics.

This feature is available on Trackier. Trackier gives its users complete control over what will be the payout for every publisher. It can be based on the Goals or other diverse parameters, you can set the payout for the publisher in any currency you wish to choose.

How to add different payout for different publishers?

Step 1

You can easily set up publisher based pricing any time you want. First select the Manage Payouts & Goals tab in the campaign.

Publisher Payouts

Step 2

Select the publisher wise payout option which you will find on the left side of the webpage. After clicking on that you will see the payouts of all the publishers you have set till now. If there are no details, then you can simply add the details either by clicking on Action >> New Payout or simply by clicking on the +Add New payout option on the page.

Payout Setup

Step 3

After this a form will appear wherein you will have to add the details related to the publisher & simply hit the save button, after the details are added.

Publisher Detail Form

Important Term Related To This Article

  • Publishers – Choose the Publisher for which you want to add the payout structure.
  • Goal – If you want to add any goal-specific Payout, then you can select the goal from the section provided. If you want to add for a default goal select it as “–“.
  • Currency – You have the option to choose any currency that you want for your publishers.
  • Payout -Here you will add the amount or commission value for your publisher that you have chosen.
  • Revenue – If you wish to add the revenue for it, you can set that as well..
  • Country – Choose the country with which you want the publisher to be charged. The publisher will only be charged with the payout that you have set when the conversions are bound with the country that you will select in this section. If you want to allow all the countries simply select “ALL”.
  • Landing Pages (Optional) – You will get all the landing pages that are added to the campaign in the drop-down list, once you will click on this section. You can also select and make the payout specifically valid for any particular landing page.

The Advanced Rule: If you wish to set a certain rule for the publishers, this is the section where you will add it. The payout will be valid for the publisher only when this rule will be satisfied by the publisher’s traffic.

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