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Everything You Need To Know About Pre Roll Ads

Written by Aishna Ohri

Every day we make thousands of decisions, from what to have for breakfast to when to go to sleep, be they small or big decisions, most of such decisions are taken in the blink of an eye. It’s said that people make decisions in as little as a 3rd of a second.

In this scenario, it becomes difficult to encourage online viewers to make a purchase, and a one-stop solution to encourage people and draw their attention is the Pre-roll ads.

Pre Roll Ads

Pre Roll Ads: Types and Advantages

Pre-roll ads, that you can’t miss notice as they are the promotional ads played before the material you wish to see online. Mostly seen on Youtube platforms and they are around 30 to 60 seconds.

Three Types Of Pre-roll Ads

  1. Bumper: Ads less than 6 seconds mostly, played before the content
  2. Non-Skippable: Before, during, and after the video that the viewer is willing to watch. Mostly 15-20 Seconds
  3. Skippable: Ad several minutes played before, after, or during the video, but these are skippable after a few seconds.

Pre Roll Ads

Why Run Pre-Roll Ads: Benefits

Pre-roll ads have a very practical approach as it is displayed before the content the viewer is willing to see, therefore they are bound to view the ad.

1. Target Audience

The targeting capabilities of pre-roll ads are high, additionally, they are pay-per-view ads which makes them super valuable. And you can even segregate which customers you want to showcase your ads to, based on age, location, gender, and more.

2. Uninterrupted Approach

The best part of pre-roll ads is that they do not interrupt the viewer from viewing the content of their interest. These ads are likely to be viewed as the viewer is aware that it will eventually lead to the content they are trying to view.

3. Brand Awareness

Pre-Roll ads are Top of funnel content, which means they increase awareness and drive traffic

Ingredients Of Running Effective Pre-Roll Ads

1. Self- Aware

Self-aware ads,  the pre-roll ads with the fact that the viewers are aware they will have to view the ad before their content is displayed help the marketer to make full use of these seconds they have to showcase their capabilities and drive traffic.

2. Hooking

The content of the ads should be hooking so that the viewer does not skip if there is an option

3. Concise

Crisp and concise content is likely to drive traffic

4. Creative

Creativity is the key element to keep the viewers glued as they are always looking for something new. Your ad will only be noticed if it’s different.

5. Call-to-Action

Making viewers view the video is not the ultimate goal, the aim is to drive them to the target page through a strongly defined Call-To-Action Button

Pre-roll ads are considered one of the best ways to generate revenue and increase traffic on the website.

Hope with this blog of ours, you get a completely clear picture of what pre-roll ads are and how they help. However, if you still have any questions or queries feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.

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