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Gauge the Big Picture of Your Marketing ROI to the Last Detail

Optimize your marketing budget for greater profits using accurate and real-time insights about the performance of your partners.

Effective ROI Calculation: Minus the Efforts, Plus Convenience


Access the Cost ETL

Get a comprehensive account of the cost data of every campaign. Identify the touchpoints that drain maximum resources and tweak them for better outcomes.


Create a Collective Expense Sheet

Integrate with 300+ APIs to view all of your marketing investments in one dashboard. Compare aggregate revenue and profit generated from all active campaigns to foul-proof your strategy.

Customize Your Partnerships

Connect with hundreds of publishers, advertisers and ad networks on terms that suit you. Set different payout rates, currencies and commission periods.

Attribute Cause to Effect

Use smart attribution features to trace a visitor from first impression to conversion. That’s one way to make sure you pay for customers that qualify your campaign metrics.


Know Your Audience in Depth

With cohort reports, you can check your campaign response in different regions, channels and audience demographics. Use this information to capitalize on the profitable factors of your marketing strategy.


Simplify the Invoicing Process

Once you’ve set the commission rates and currencies for your partners, automate the invoicing process for fuss-free documentation. Notify your partners if they’re falling behind in the goals or generating suspicious traffic.


Manage Marketing at All Fronts

Keep a track of all marketing content e.g. promotional offers, advertisements and coupons. Get a detailed report of the leads garnered by them.


Give Greater Freedom to Your Partners

Personalized affiliate dashboard helps your partners to stay on the same page about your marketing goals. Enable referral and asset features to improve their partnership experience.


Automatically Filter Bots and Fraudsters

Trackier’s anti-fraud tool sorts clicks and conversions generated from compromised accounts/devices, so that your marketing data is always accurate.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


AI-Based SmartLinks

Personalize customer experiences with targeted advertising.

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Multi Touch Attribution

Trace the customer journey and identify the decision-driving milestones.


Pixel and Postback Management

Be informed about user engagement behavior for better optimisation.

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We’re with you in each step!

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