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Protect your budget from mobile ad fraud and performance marketing fraud

Proactively fight fraud to save your money, time, and most importantly, your data. Trackier’s Anti-fraud tool sets the standard for mobile ad fraud and performance marketing fraud prevention.

Only spend on legitimate partners with our fraud protection against ever-evolving threats

Industry-leading detection and prevention capabilities to protect your ad spend
  • Mobile Marketing Platform
  • Performance Marketing Platform
Prevent mobile ad fraud in real time

Real-time fraud prevention

We detect and prevent fraud proactively through a multi-layered approach that includes cluster analysis, personalized validation rules, in-app fraud rules, and post-attribution fraud detection.

Only pay for real customers

We accurately distinguish humans from bots so you only pay for real conversions.

Protection against more than just install fraud

Gain protection against in-app and CPA fraud to eliminate more intelligent threats to your ad spend.
Weed out all affiliate fraud so you only reward real conversions

Detect and eliminate click fraud

Our anti-fraud solution helps you identify real conversions so you can eliminate bad attributions from your traffic.

Identify dubious partners and pay only the ones that bring you conversions

With Trackier you can discourage fraud by reversing payouts to high-risk sources.

Gain insights into fraud reasons

We not only help prevent fraud but show you where exactly the fraud is coming from. Dig into where your high-risk traffic is coming from with our reports.

Still on the fence?

Let our customers convince you!

Valuable data & insights — always at hand
Our Exness Affiliates team has been using the Trackier platform for more than 6 months now. During this time, the service has become an essential additional tool for our Affiliate program. Why? It’s innovative, cost-efficient, and most importantly: partners benefit from it by getting valuable data and insights. We appreciate Trackier team's support and ability to meet all of our requirements within the short te.

Sergey Yarovoy
Affiliate Team Leader

Using the Trackier platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level
Using the Trackier platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level. We have a complete view of and access to all key data such as mobile device, carrier or offer. This information allows us to manage our platform, campaigns, and publishers in real time.

Abhinav Jain
Co-Founder & COO

Thank you Trackier!
The support is simply amazing. They understand the clients perspective to the bottom, identify the issues & always come up with practical applicable solutions. Thanks Trackier Team.

Rohit Arora
VP - Technology

Always Evolving + Super supportive + Nothing less than its foreign counterpart
Always Evolving + Super supportive + nothing less than its foreign counterpart. In fact, looking at the proactiveness on support and innovations in the product very soon it would be better than the best in the industry. Himanshu Atwal has been our go-to person and a real problem solver in the team.

Chitra Shah
Business Head

We are glad to grow with Trackier and it has been a fruitful 3-year-long relationship
We would like to appreciate the way you guys have helped us in scaling the business and solving our serious as well as silly queries. "Trackier" is the best of the bunch and has been the best decision for us to opt their platform.

Asmita Kapoor


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Prevent fraud, protect budgets, and drive ROI