Control your affiliate network

Get real-time performance data so you can search, approve, merge, and delete affiliates at will. Analyse the marketing performance of your affiliates from engagement to conversion. The 360° birds-eye-view lets you pinpoint top-performing traffic channels, sources of revenue, rewards, and more.

Automate data-rich reports

Reports can be generated in the form of XML Feeds. These feeds are principally useful for Networks, Parent and Master Affiliates, and can be configured to show the data of affiliates in their network. Drill down into default reports like Dynamic Variables, Marketing, and Monthly Earnings, or set customizable filters to suit your analysis needs like brand, country, duration, etc.

Smart Payment Generation Reports

Generate and verify data based on multiple affiliate Payment Generation Reports like Activity per Brand, Customer Registrations per Brand, Number of Days with Activity, Reward Type Product Breakdown, Monthly Totals, and Total Adjustments.