Accurately track partners across the web and attribute performance across every device

Enjoy the power of multi-touch attribution to fully understand the customer journey

Identify the specific touch points throughout the journey on CTV that triggers the desired action and leverage those insights to optimize future campaigns.

Get incrementality analysis to evaluate attributed conversions through the campaign

Eliminate conversions that did not occur through your campaign to see a more accurate reflection of your CTV campaign effectiveness.

Maximize the ROI of CTV/OOT campaigns

Get real-time performance metrics combined with multitouch attribution so you can fully optimize targeting and content delivery. Continually receive signals about which creatives and placements are working with which audiences to shift your budget and creatives accordingly.

CTV/OTT specific measurement functionalities

Measure down-funnel events combined across platforms, conversion rates compared by channel, and long-term trends, broken down by campaign, device, platform type, and more.